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Energy Company «Ukrenergoeхport» carries out economic activity in the following areas:

Supply of electricity at unregulated tariffs throughout Ukraine;

Exports of electricity from the territory of Ukraine;

- Consulting in the field of efficient energy supply (electricity, thermal power, gas distribution) users and administrative areas;

- Services to corporate clients in the design and maintenance activities for the supply of electricity on the outstanding rates;

- Calculation of the economic feasibility of an independent supply of electricityto specifically take the facility (for a particular user), based on available data ;

- Determination of optimal and acceptable approaches to the creation and implementation of automated systems of commercial electricity metering (AMR) ;

- Study of the electrical consumer to reduce the cost of paying for reactive power, improve power quality, design conclusions and recommendations;

- Introduction of advanced technologies in power generation, including associated with combined heat and power, as in normal mode and in the benefits of "green" tariff in Ukraine.