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Implementation of AMR


Automatic system control and energy metering (AMR) - a tool that allows consumers to obtain a comprehensive picture of energy consumption and to achieve sustainable energy consumption, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the consumer.

The main purpose of AMR system is in the exact measurement of the amount consumed or transferred energy and power, taking into account the subsistence zone, or other tariffs, the possibility to store these measurements within a month, and access to these data for making settlements with suppliers and customers. In addition, an important component of AMR is the ability to analyze consumption (transfer) of energy and power. Regular analysis of modes of consumption over periods of time allows to detect flaws in the organization of consumption.

Ukrainian legislation imposes special requirements for consumers by the introduction and use of metering systems. In particular, companies with an installed capacity of power plants more than 750kVA are obliged to introduce a system of metering. The same demand is made to consumers who have to reduce the cost of purchased electricity plan to work with suppliers of electricity in an unregulated tariff. The general scheme of interaction between the subjects of the energy market of Ukraine is represented in diagrams.

Specialists energy company «Ukrenergoeхport» have the unique experience of implementing AMR systems on a «turnkey» basis from various manufacturers in the electrical networks of consumers, workers in many sectors of the economy of Ukraine.

Legislation governing the introduction of AMR

Legislation governing the introduction of AMR systems in Ukraine.

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