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Independent Electricity Supply before 01.01.2019

Requirements for suppliers of electricity in Ukraine

Under the current legislation in the energy sector in Ukraine, there are two types of electricity suppliers:

1. Suppliers of a regulated tariff (SRT),- is mainly regional energy supplying companies (oblenergo), and in some regions of Ukraine structural units of «Ukrzaliznytsia» working on a fixed (regulated) state electricity tariffs. Consumers of such a provider can be any legal entity or person.

2. Suppliers of unregulated tariff (SUT), - This business entities that have the right to deliver electricity to consumers at the free tariff. Work with suppliers allows the consumer to get a lower price for electricity in comparison with fixed-price of SRT (oblenergo) due to the forced reduction of value of its SUT profit in a competitive SUT non-monopolized market. Consumers of SUT can be any legal entity.


Energy company «Ukrenergoeхport» refers to a second type of electricity suppliers, namely a supplier of electricity in an unregulated tariff and satisfies all the formal requirements imposed laws of Ukraine to this type of activity:

  1. has the NERC license №АВ507762, which allows the delivery of electricity to any customer (except for population) in Ukraine and export of electric energy from Ukraine - any foreign consumers.
  2. is an active member of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine (WEM).
  3. has a valid contract of sale of electrical energy from the SE «Energorynok» - the operator of wholesale electric power market, under which purchases the required amount of electricity in the wholesale electricity market, will bring electricity to the borders of any SRT (oblenergo) for delivery to consumers.
  4. has a current contract with the regional power transmission SRT (oblenergo) - the monopoly owner of electric distribution networks in the regions, on the basis of which carries electricity to supply to the electric grid of end users.

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Assessing the economic feasibility of purchasing electricity on the free tariff

To assess the feasibility of buying electricity on the free tariff and obtain preliminary data on the economic effect of the transition for the purchase of electricity from the energy company «Ukrenergoeхport»,You need send us the completed questionnaire.









hourly power consumption template Additionally, for a more accurate feasibility calculation preferably by questionnaire the actual data on hourly power consumption as for any given calendar month, according to the  template:  









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Requirements for consumers when buying electricity on the free tariff

Electricity consumers who are considering working with SEAs must meet the following key criteria:

  1. Lack of consumer debt before SRT (oblenergo).
  2. Uniform electric load during the day, week, month.
  3. The presence of differentiated consumer meters and automated system of commercial electric power metering (AMR).

The requirements of criteria B and C have priority, and may in some cases provide for exceptions to the consumer.


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The procedure of transition the user from the SRT to energy company «Ukrenergoeхport»

Consumers with relevant key criteria and decided to move to the PNT to purchase electricity on the free fare must meet the following procedural steps:

  1. Sign a  sales contract с with energy company «Ukrenergoeхport».
  2. Make a«certificate of user account» in accordance with the template wholesale electricity market, to which applications should be:
    1. Evidence on the local device data collection and processing (LDDCP) and (or) an automated system of commercial electric power metering (AMR).
    2. Minutes of metrological certification of measuring systems and LDDCP / AMR.
    3. Passport-verification protocols measuring hourly complexes (meters, current transformers and voltage).
    4. The approved scheme of electricity consumers, indicating the boundaries of carrying accessories that places metering.
  3. Send for 20 days prior to the month of delivery of SUT in the SRT (oblenergo) letter about the need to suspend the contract between the SRT and the consumer in terms of delivery of the active power and realize the full calculation with SRT for the last (current) delivery month of SRT.

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Ukraine's legislation and regulations governing the activities of SUT

The activities of the independent supply of electricity in Ukraine is governed by the following regulations.

  1. NERC Decree №28 from 31 July 1996 «Правила користування електричною енергією».
  2. NKREKP Decree №1496 from 27 December 2017 «Про затвердження Ліцензійних умов провадження господарської діяльності з постачання електричної енергії споживачу».
  3. NERC. «Agreement between the members of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine from November 15, 1996».
  4. Law of Ukraine №575/97-ВР  from 16 October 1997 года  «Про електроенергетику».
  5. NERC Decree №1058  from 18 August 1999 «Про порядок закупівлі електричної енергії з Оптового ринку електричної енергії України ліцензіатами з постачання електричної енергії за нерегульованим тарифом».
  6. NERC Decree №631 from 18 June 2004 «Про схвалення примірного договору між ДП "Енергоринок" та постачальниками електричної енергії за нерегульованим тарифом».
  7. NERC Decree №934 from 19 October 2005 «Про схвалення примірного договору на передачу електричної енергії місцевими (локальними) електромережами між постачальником електричної енергії за нерегульованим тарифом та електропередавальною організацією».



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