Electricity audit

Increasing of the energy efficiency is one of the most important and actual topic in Ukraine.

енергоаудитEnergoaudit (electricity audit) from EC "Ukrenergoexport" - it is a comprehensive assessment of the Customer's enterprise activity related to the electricity cost, aimed to identify the possibility of cost-effective optimization of the electricity consumption as well as the cost  for its purchase or production.


Goals of the electricity audit conducting:

  • Sources identification of technical and commercial electricity losses.
  • Determination of limit values of the electricity efficiency.
  • Development of a comprehensive program for the electricity cost reduction.

The result of the electricity audit is a comprehensive analytical report with recommendations for further managerial decisions by the Customer:

    1. Analysis of the required regulatory documents and the actual payments order for the active and reactive electricity, taking into account the electricity losses for each accounting point. In case of detection of unreasonable demands from the energy supply company, recommendations will be given to you, and, if necessary, based on a separate agreement assistance will be provided to review these requirements from the side of the energy supply company and regarding the return of funds received unreasonably.

    2. Expert conclusion-calculation of the correct usage of the current calculation methods for the cost of reactive electricity flows by the electricity supply company.

    3. Expert conclusion about the conditions of the transformer park of 35 kV-110 kV with indicating the criticality groups and operational priorities within each group.

    4. Technical and economic justification of the implementation of reactive power compensation systems at each power unit.

    5. Technical and economic justification of the implementation / modernization of frequency control systems and management of the main technological equipment.

    6. Technical and economic justification of the implementation of the Automatic system control and energy metering (AMR) at the enterprise.

    7. Technical and economic justification of the enterprise expediency work with independent electricity suppliers in Ukraine.

Successful production development requires reduction of products energy intensity and also increasing of energy resources usage efficiency. To achieve these goals, it is required to design the integrated energy programs and also required investments to the energy saving technologies.

Customer has to prepare the following working materials to ensure the obtaining of the necessary conditions for the whole complex of work of the energy audit:

  • Single-line scheme of electricity supplying objects of the Customer.
  • Acts of separation of balance sheet items.
  • Equipment placement plans at the substation, where units of electricity metering are installed.
  • List of account commercial points (list of connections) with indicating of dispatching name and installed capacity. Including subcontractors on direct contracts with the electricity supply company.
  • Characteristics of measuring equipment of the metering units  (meters, amperage and voltage transformers): type, model, date of the last state verification etc.
  • Passports - protocols of the error measuring of the metering units.
  • Cable channels location plan at substations.
  • Schemes of the secondary measurement circuits.
  • Electricity characteristics measurement in a regime day (winter / summer). It is required to provide with a typical daily profile of the enterprise operation mode in case if the objects are with implemented AMR system.
  • Annex to the Agreement for the electricity supply "About the calculation procedure for the flow of reactive electricity".
  • Message from the energy supply company about the calculation of EERP (economic equivalent of reactive power).
  • Amount of the monthly accrual for the reactive electricity in kWh and UAH with VAT for the last six months. At the same time, if calculations are made for each zone of the day, then these data should be presented in the context of daily zones.
  • Annex to the Agreement for the electricity supply "About calculations of losses in the electricity networks" with indication of a passport data of virginity power transformers for the case when the commercial accounting is not set on the boarder of the balance sheet.
  • Description of the main energy-consuming technological equipment and control system conditions.
  • Passports and operational documentation for power transformers 35kV-110kV.