Electricity Export in Ukraine



The possibility of exporting electricity from Ukraine

Currently, United Energy System (UES of Ukraine works synchronously (in parallel) with United Energy Systems (UES), Russian Federation and with the Moldovan energy system.

In addition, that part of Systems of Ukraine, the so-called "Burshtyn Island" (supply of electricity to the tires available for this purpose three blocks TPP – Burshtyn TPP, Dobrotvorska TPP and Ladizhinskoy TPP), which operates in parallel with the united energy systems of Western, Central and Eastern Europe - UCTE (Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity) - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

Due to technological trade balance between the Ukraine-Russia-Ukraine-Belarus (Soviet Union legacy of energy), in small quantities are being supplied electricity at a dead-end lines border the Belarusian and Russian consumers by UES of Ukraine, together with the supply of electricity to consumers border of Ukraine by the power Russia and Belarus.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Law № 1164-vi of 19.03.2009 amended the Law of Ukraine «On Electricity», which identified the particular exports of electricity in Ukraine.

Thus, for the export of energy supplier procure the necessary amount of electricity in the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine on the wholesale market price. 

Access to bandwidth interstate electric grid Ukraine to export electricity is provided on an auction.

Auction is for a term of not more than one year held NEC «Ukrenergo», which transmits electrical energy interstate electric networks in Ukraine. The auction is held at least once a month, subject to the availability of free bandwidth interstate power networks in Ukraine. The order of the auction is approved NERC.

Participation in the auction take power entities that own the license to operate on an independent supply of electricity, are members of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine and have no arrears on electricity purchased on the wholesale market.

The winner of the auction is determined by the subject of electricity, which has offered the highest price.

If the auction winner within two calendar months in a row uses the resulting auction capacity interstate power networks in Ukraine is less than 70 per cent on average per month, this capacity is auctioned again.

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Requirements for exporters of electricity in Ukraine

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the exporters of electricity must meet the following formal requirements:

  1. Being a resident of Ukraine.
  2. Possess a license-quota of not less than the annual volume of electricity exports.
  3. Having a contract to purchase the required amount of electricity from the State Enterprise «Energorynok» (SEE).
  4. Have a contract for access to the bandwidth of interstate electric grid with NEC «Ukrenergo»», the results of victory in an open auction.
  5. Having a contract with a foreign buyer of electricity.
  6. Being a registered member (member) wholesale electricity market of Ukraine.
  7. Do not have overdue obligations for electric power in Ukraine and to the budget of Ukraine.
  8. Redeem at least 70% of the declared capacity of electric power with daily and monthly consumption of the boundary control.
  9. Have the accounts of financial resources in sufficient quantities to provide advance payments on contracts with SE «Energorynok» and NEC «Ukrenergo».

Energy Company «Ukrenergoeхport» corresponds to the above requirements and offers export of electricity to the format.


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Ukraine's legislation and regulations governing the export of electricity

Export of electricity in Ukraine is governed by the following regulations.

  1. NERC Decree №36 from 12 August 1996 «Про затвердження Умов та Правил здійснення підприємницької діяльності з постачання електричної енергії за нерегульованим тарифом».
  2. NERC. «Agreement between the members of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine from November 15, 1996»..
  3. Law of Ukraine №575/97-ВР  from 16 October 1997   «Про електроенергетику».
  4. NERC Decree №1207 from 22 October 2009 «Про затвердження Порядку проведення аукціонів щодо доступу до пропускної спроможності міждержавних електричних мереж України для експорту електричної енергії».
  5. Order Company «Ukrenergo» №448 from 20 November 2009  «Положення про аукціонну комісію з  організації та проведення аукціонів щодо доступу до пропускної спроможності міждержавних електричних мереж України для експорту електричної енергії».


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